Laura Rea Dickey; On Staying Ahead Of The Game


Laura Rea Dickey is the current Chief Executive Officer of the world’s largest barbecue franchise, Dickeys. Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant is a family-owned restaurant brand specializing in hickory-smoked signature meats. Founded by Travis Dickey and his wife Ollie in 1941, he decided to begin smoking meat on a single smoker in Dallas, Texas, in 1941.

His wife Ollie at the time tended to the small front of house whilst he remained out back smoking the meats but would often come out front to chat with his customers and see his wife. They served a simple set of sides that often came with the sandwiches and it consisted of barbecue beans, potato chips, bottled milk and sodas. Today, however, Dickeys has over 550 locations across 44 states and internationally a far cry from 1941.

Now, Laura Rea Dickey, wife of Travis Dickeys grandson Roland Dickey jr. sits at the helm of Dickeys. Laura Rea was initially brought on as a consultant by her husband who was then CEO of Dickeys to manage the communications and I.T department but quickly displayed her skill in communications by proving herself a worthy asset to the business.

Laura used technology driven information and the family’s mantra of constantly evolving to her advantage to give the company competitive edge in an increasingly saturated market.

Laura Rea was one of the first executives within the fast-casual franchise space to realize that digitized information such as artificial intelligence and big data had practical applications outside of the tech world and as such, Laura Rea Dickey Net Worth has been able to maintain competitive edge and experience rapid growth in a relatively short period of time. These results show that the company is well-positioned for whatever the post-pandemic world will bring.

Laura Rea Dickey is a Dallas-based executive who has won multiple awards, With over twenty years’ experience in the marketing and information technology field. See this page for additional information.

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