Betsy DeVos and Years of Dedication

When someone is fighting for a cause that they feel will change the world, they will put in enormous energy, time, and money. Betsy DeVos is very passionate about school choice, and she has devoted much of her adult life to the cause and financially backed many organizations and projects.


Betsy DeVos began understanding what school choice meant when she visited with parents who were sending their children to a religious school in Michigan. Her kids were in a different private school. While talking with the other parents, she learned about their challenges paying tuition and keeping their kids in this school.


At first, Betsy DeVos gave money to various scholarship programs. This philanthropic act was undoubtedly helpful, but it did not solve the problem. DeVos set out to change Michigan law. She and her husband tried to create a policy that allowed for tax credits to pay for scholarships. The policy never came to fruition, but that did not stop Betsy from pursuing other avenues.


She went on to donate her time to charitable organizations, such as Children First America, that worked to educate lawmakers and citizens about the benefits of school choice. Betsy sat on these foundations’ boards, traveled when necessary, and spent time with legislators trying to bring her dreams to the masses.


Much of her work has been carried out on a political level. She has worked her way into the White House. At the District of Columbia, she continued to try to bring alternative schooling to every state. Some of the techniques she used involved bringing influential people to girl’s schools and meeting with celebrities who opened up their own high schools.


Betsy DeVos has financially contributed to political parties that support her views. Some states, such as Florida, have adopted her policy’s, but others are still choosing to focus primarily on the public school system.


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