Trevor Edwards Shows That Familial Wisdom Can Lead to Great Success

Trevor Edwards is a success by any definition of the term. He’s worked with billion-dollar budgets to help shape complex plans. However, his roots show how humility and wisdom can lead to great things.

Edwards grew up in the suburbs of Norbury. His memories of childhood are filled with gardens and yardwork. He learned the value of hard work by raking leaves and picking apples from the family’s trees. It was an environment filled with life and laughter. One which Trevor Edwards feels helped shape his personality as he grew into adulthood.

At 13 he and his family moved to Jamaica. The experience provided a very different culture. And it was one where he’d learn the value of seeing the world from a different perspective. This was also the point where he’d hone a love of sports. He’d go on to graduate high school and later earn a bachelor’s in business. Edwards would further that already impressive accomplishment with an M.B.A. in international marketing and finance. This led him to an impressive position with Goldman Sacs. However, his career as we see it today only began with a little wisdom from his mother. She’d noticed that Trevor wasn’t happy.

It was obvious to Trevor’s mother that he didn’t care for the position. She pointed out that working as hard as he does for a job he doesn’t enjoy wasn’t the best path in life. Her wisdom paved the way for Edwards to flex his entrepreneurial muscle and create the brand marketing company Colgate-Palmolive. From that point forward Edwards would find his true calling with marketing. And his success also stands as a testament to the wisdom we all find in our family.

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