Roland Dickey Jr. Uses His Experience To Effectively Run Dickey’s Capital Group

Roland Dickey a distinguished entrepreneur and CEO of Dickey’s Capital Group. Roland has also played a key role in the success of Dickey’s BBQ Pit, which has expanded to hundreds of locations globally.

Dickey’s BBQ pit was established by his grandfather, who operated the business together with Dickey’s grandmother. The two were passionate and loved to interact with their customers while offering them quality meals. After Roland’s grandfather passed away, his two sons took over the business and continued the family legacy. They went on to open over 20 locations in the country.

Roland Dickey Jr. notes that he admires what his grandfather and father had done for the company. He then sought out to expand the business to bring quality and comfort food across the country and beyond. He is responsible for opening up more than 500 locations of restaurants.

Roland’s excellent leadership has seen the restaurant become an industry leader in the country. The restaurant is committed to providing quality food to its clients, and in regards to this, it sources the best meat, fresh vegetables, and homemade rolls. Also, through his leadership, the company invested in quality infrastructure to help it grow significantly.

Dickey’s Capital Group has invested in information technology, real estate management, logistics, and marketing, to mention but a few fields. Roland Dickey Jr notes that the company has invested heavily in information technology, and it has really paid off. Laura Rea, Roland’s wife, pioneered the company’s propriety data platform that analyzes marketing promotions, loyalty programs, and customer surveys to help the company make important decisions. Refer to this page to learn more.

About Roland Dickey Jr.

Roland Dickey Jr. is also a philanthropist, and through the family foundation, Roland Dickey Jr Net Worth has contributed thousands of dollars to the people affected by Hurricane Irma and also provided essential equipment for first responders.


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