Profile Of Greg Blatt: Modern CEO And Leader, Professional Thinker

Greg Blatt is the CEO of Tinder, a company who he joined in 2014. Greg has held leadership positions at companies like and IAC/InterActiveCorp (he was responsible for their global media and entertainment brands including The Daily Beast).

Greg’s career spans over 30 years with experience in technology, marketing, sales, TV production and publishing. Greg earned his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1991-1992. Greg Blatt is now leading Tinder into its next chapter as it evolves to become the world’s most popular social networking app for meeting new people.

Greg Blatt is a modern CEO and leader with an evolving approach to business. Greg says, “The most important thing for me in my career was having the freedom to pursue new opportunities when I saw them. I’ve never been afraid of change and that’s served me well.” He adds that having mentors and sponsors who opened doors for him was also important. Asking for help when he needed it led to new opportunities, and Greg says that this approach is still essential today.

Greg has the ability to see the picture of success even in tough situations. He once worked with a difficult boss (actually his father) that required him to develop patience. “My father-in-law was the head of Heublein, which owned Kentucky Fried Chicken and Maxwell House Coffee when I started working for them in 1980,”

Greg says. “I learned a lot from him about leadership, mostly how it’s much more about what you’re able to get other people to do than what you yourself are able to do.” He adds that his father-in-law also taught him how important it is to create a sense of community, and that’s something Greg tries to do today in his leadership roles.

Greg is a strong believer in the value of mentors who help someone grow their career, give them great feedback and advice, and point out new opportunities. Refer to this page for more information.


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