Peter Vitale: The Insurance Agent Of Michigan

Peter Vitale

Peter Vitale is an insurance agent in Michigan that is the proof investigating catalytic converter thefts in the community. There was an uptick in car thefts in the area which then led to the catalytic converter catastrophe. The increase in the theft was a clear result of the pandemic. Peter Vitale understood that there was a mission and something had to be done in order to protect the members of the community and surrounding area from the rising crime rate. In 1975 a US law dictated that all new vehicles had to be constructed with a catalytic converter if it was to use gasoline. The purpose of the catalytic converter is to reduce emissions and noise from the vehicle.

In the state of Michigan, they understood that due to the number of people under the poverty line, there needed to be something done in order to combat the theft that was taking place. Peter Vitale decided that as an insurance agent that he needed to make a voice for himself and assist the members of the community with steps to protect themselves. Peter Vitale decided to create a write-up stating how to protect yourself against theft, especially in Michigan. As a victim of theft of your catalytic converter, you will really not know that it is gone until you start your vehicle. The thieves mainly focus on larger vehicles such as SUVs and trucks for the actions of stealing the item.

This is because they are easier to get under and are able to easily access the catalytic converter for removal. Peter Vitale recommends that if you live in an area that has a spike in the crime of theft of catalytic converters you should park in well-lit areas. This way the light will deter a thief from approaching your car. Spend the time to research and obtain an operable and reliable car alarm. Any alarm that sounds upon touching the vehicle will definitely keep an intruder away. Always take the time to use your garage. I know that we all are in a rush at times, but using your garage can keep someone from stealing your catalytic converter and causing over $2000 in repair costs for you. Following these tips can drastically reduce your susceptibility to becoming a victim of theft of your catalytic converter. Read More.