Patrick Carroll’s Keynote Speech at Bisnow Florida Real Estate Summit

Patrick Carroll, founder, and CEO of MCA Home Inspections spoke about his company’s focus on customer service at Bisnow Florida Real Estate Summit in Orlando. He also discussed the financial benefits of home inspections for both buyers and sellers.

M Patrick Carroll is a well-known speaker in the Tampa Bay area who has been giving presentations to real estate professionals since 2007. M Patrick Carroll’s speech was an informative recap about how he got started with MC Homes Inspections after realizing there was a need for professional inspection services when selling homes.

Carroll explained that his company focuses on customer service by treating each client as buying a multi-million dollar home. His team of professionals works diligently to complete the inspection in time for clients to receive their reports within 24 hours, and they are trained not to leave until every question is answered. Carroll added that buyers must know that the inspector is not working only in their best interest but also on behalf of the seller.

M Patrick Carroll team has worked hard to build a strong reputation over the years, and he believes it shows when looking at his client reviews online. He emphasized how vital customer service is because if one person doesn’t like what they experience, they can quickly leave a bad review online.

The company’s financial benefits were also discussed at the event. Carroll explained that buyers should always try to get in before an area becomes overdeveloped and prices increase when looking for real estate investments. It may be challenging to turn a profit or even recoup their investment costs if they resell.

Carroll’s speech was a great recap of his company and its focus on customer service within the industry and how it benefits both buyers and sellers when making real estate investments. He also explained what makes a home inspection beneficial for all parties involved, which helped educate new professionals looking for information on the topic.