Pam Baer’s Calling To Advocate For Vulnerable Populations And Focus On Their Healthcare


Pam Baer is a great philanthropist, and is the wife of Larry Baer and she serves at the San Francisco’s General Hospital Foundation in the Board of Directors. Pam always starts her day by checking her current task list, and setting priorities. She believes that the early hours are the most productive hours of the day. She keeps adding tasks, and checking off the already completed ones, and a written list has always been a secret to her organizing skills when preparing for the day. The daily preparation has always provided a ground to blossom new ideas, and at the same time productive energy, and relaxed mindfulness. Pam believes in getting as much education as possible in all the areas she champions, and this has helped her create connections.

Pamela Baer loves reading books, seeking advice of experts, and taking classes whenever she gets chances, a virtue that has always helped her achieve her key performing indicators, and make informed decisions. She also loves working closely with like-minded people in brainstorming ideas to expand her reach and carefully delegating tasks. She believes in building a great team that can achieve anything through wise strategizing and utilizing the strength of other people. Pam unbelievably believes that she’s an as an introvert even as she takes part in big social events and functions. She’s also an optimist who’s committed to encourage other women to pursue their goals and dreams confidently.

In 2018, Pam spearheaded the creation and the launch of the Transform Mental & Behavioral Health Fund to provide accessible care to those living with mental health issues. So far, The Fund has helped initiate programs such as Telecare health and Acute Care Team. Currently, ZSFG is the only facility in San Francisco providing 24/7 Psychiatric Emergency Service.

Pam advises all to travel as much as possible to help others whenever possible. Pam Baer’s favorite quote is Katherine Hepburn’s “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands: one for helping yourself, the other for helping others” an excerpt that summarizes her personal approach to giving, and helping others. Pam Baer grew up in Texas, where she graduated with marketing and finance degree from the University of Texas based in Austin.

She later moved to New York City where she worked successfully in the sector of financial services. When she gained valuable experience in the industry, Pam developed her personal approach of doing business with the aim of helping others. She currently lives in San Francisco with her husband and father of four children Larry Baer who also works as the CEO for San Francisco Giants. Read this article for related information.


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