Michael Capiraso Contributions as a Transformational Leader

As of June 2021, Michael Capiraso walked into the open doors of the JoggingBuddy Board as the new team’s advisor and shareholder. The news of his arrival came as a delight to the rest of the board, who is also the former Director of New York Runners who typically organize the New York marathon held annually in the city.

The team is driven, dedicated, and motivated to promote jogging, running, and walking to affect the global community and keep themselves healthy and fit. Michael Capiraso is an acknowledged visionary and life-changing leader whose sole purpose revolves around team building. He has led sustainable developments across sportsmanship, consumer goods promotions, and the entertainment sectors.  Read more at Twitter for more updates.

Over the years of his career, Michael Capiraso has led various changes in his field of work. Capiraso was a member of the NFL’s and Major League Baseball’s large-scale advertising tactical operations as a strategic planner. Soon after, he took the president role of New York Road Runners. At NYRR, under his leadership, the annual returns doubled to one hundred million dollars while reserves grew by one hundred percent to over seventy million dollars.

Yearly participants in NYRR were always twice the size before joining the management team. Youths and community programs were decentralized, which encouraged participants to almost 700 thousand people. Before joining NYRR, Michael was the Chief Marketing Officer at Cole Haan, where he oversaw marketing, analytics, technology, innovation, and promotional strategies.

Michael was previously the National Football League’s vice president of Commercial and Chief Design Director. He established a precise planning and evaluation division to counterbalance large infrastructure expenditures and produced cost savings and company-wide efficiency. Besides, he was in charge of the NFL’s 360o brand promotional strategy and creative efforts for the Super Bowl, as well as $300 million in sponsorship engagement. Capiraso was also a senior executive at Major League Baseball and Calvin Klein.

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