Krishen Iyer and His Companies

Krishen Iyer has formed multiple companies based on consulting and improving other companies. Some of his companies include MNP Insurance, which is obviously focused on the insurance side of things but does still help other companies. Another one is called MBS, which stands for Managed Benefit Services. The most recent company Krishen Iyer founded that’s making waves is called MAIS Consulting. He is focused on making sure that he helps other companies achieve their goals since that is the way to achieve his goal of making MAIS a premium consulting company on the road.


This, to make both his own and other clients’ companies as successful as they can be. In general, successful entrepreneur Krishen Iyer has a process for how he tends to tackle work throughout the day. In general, what Krishen Iyer does is he meets with clients at the beginning of the day to get information about exactly how they want to proceed and what their needs and hopes are. 


Then, Iyer goes on to figure out how he’s going to accomplish this throughout the day. This makes it easier for him to split up his day to take care of what he needs to accomplish. Beyond being successful, the successful entrepreneur uses his money to help charitable foundations including the Make a Wish foundation. Using funds from CEO Krishen Iyer and others, this foundation helps sick children accomplish their dreams for a single day including meeting celebrities such as sports players, rock singers, and others, in order to live out their dreams in real life.


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