John Savignano Recap

John Savignano is a world-class endurance athlete and founder of his company at 19. In this article, we’ll go through the life and achievements of the young entrepreneur.

In this post, we will discuss John Savignano’s accomplishments as an entrepreneur, businessman, and athlete. We’ll highlight how he started business at 19 when he founded his own company, his work with Merrell Footwear on their product line launch for women in 2012, and other entirely successful ventures.

We’ll also give you an insight into his personal life, including how he got into endurance sports, family life, and why he only gets up early for exercise. We’ll end with an explanation of his plans and education yet to come and take him to his next career level. Read more about John Savignano

The characteristics that led him to so many achievements:

Savignano was born in New York City on October 8th, 1993, as the youngest child of two brothers. As a child, he learned how to snowboard at a young age but took it seriously when he was 17. Savignano then began competing in endurance challenges around the city.

Savignano attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison while maintaining his “entrepreneurial” pursuits by running his own company, which he founded at 19. At just 19 years old, Savignano was able to take on challenging new business ventures and become a millionaire before the age of 21.

The Importance of Ambition Early in his childhood, John’s father, instilled a deep love for business and gave him an important lesson early in his life.

“My father, a business owner, has always said that your life and health are your responsibility. So eat well and exercise; it’s the only thing you can do.”

John showed an interest in business at an early age when he was ten years old. Savignano was curious about the stock market and started reading up on it. He then bought his first stock, Intel (INTC), which made him a $3,000 profit within six months of investment. John watched his investment grow over the next 13 years.