John Ritenour exemplarily leadership skills in Insurance industry

The relationship between the top leadership and the employees plays a pivotal role in the growth of the business. Insurance Office of America has greatly shown its positive work enforcement when it comes to its employees. The co-founder, John Ritenour, has intentionally incorporated his insurance brokers at IOA. The strength of the employees have equally contributed to the growth of IOA. His unique style in management has earned his employee a bigger platform to grow their abilities.

Through the help of consulting expert Dr Laura Galleher, the company embarked on positive reinforcement of the staff at IOA. Through the togetherness of everyone’s strength; the company launched Grow Leaders from the Inside Out, which has greatly influenced major boast in professionalism broadly divulge in insightful topics like maturity among others. John Ritenour has discovered its competitive edge by keep professionals that enjoy a productive working environment.

Most leaders can exemplify John take as it develops the company togetherness in achieving its set goals. Other than a productive work output, other valuable lessons are to incorporate employees healthy in the business. It takes a long time to invest in employees. Most long-term employees committed to their duties; therefore, such employees play a pivotal role in the company. The company can progress, move forward. John Ritenour necessitates that individuals can enhance creativity and ideas through close working relationships to benefit the company. The employees tend to have the drive and enthusiasm for the job they carry out is enhanced. In addition, most of the individuals who find their workstations friendly tend to be proud. Great recommendations are highly grown through positive networking for the company elevated.

Though John Ritenour stepped down, his son Heath Ritenour continue to carry his father’s establishment in the company. IOA is an insurance provider with many years of service in the industry. Through his leadership style, John Ritenour has bagged awards and other honors from top magazines.