Jake Notes that the Vaccine Transportation Business will Bring Significant Changes to Freight Tech

The coronavirus has affected the business industry significantly. However, it has also created many opportunities. For example, it has boosted the demand for digital freight solutions. The demand for covid-19 vaccine transport will also be in demand in the coming days. However, according to Jake Medwell, the transport opportunities might not benefit the new companies opening up to take advantage of the situation.

However, Jake notes that the vaccine transportation business will bring significant changes to freight tech. But, he says that the companies that will benefit more will be those using different strategies from the other vaccine transporting firms.

The trucks transporting the vaccines have tracking and temperature sensors on the interior and exterior parts of the vaccine packages. Besides, they have a UPS tag, which provides location information of the command center. The tracks also use software that offers timely information when there is a network interruption. Most transport companies rely on a company offering different technology solutions for GPS tracking, trailer tracking, and other services.

All transport companies that want to venture into the vaccine transport business must use proper temperature monitoring strategies. Besides, they need to put appropriate measures in place to ensure that they don’t waste a lot of time on the drop-off points to ensure that they don’t compromise on the quality of the vaccines.

Apart from covid-19 vaccines, other drugs that also need cold chain shipment are also on-demand as people look for vaccines and blood products to use at home. Therefore, Jake Medwell notes that transporters that don’t get the opportunity to transport covid -19 vaccines can still get contracts to transport other drugs and vaccines.

Even though the companies that have been in the industry longer have a more significant advantage, new companies are also performing well regardless of venturing into the business when the demand for vaccine transport increased. However, temperature monitoring will be the most critical aspect of vaccine transport logistics in the coming days.