Insurance Is Tricky Game and John Ritenour Is Trying to Master It

The insurance world is exceptionally daunting for the average person. There are multiple factors that you have to constantly be considering otherwise you risk losing a lot of assets and time; however, the insurance world can be even more confusing and complex for the people working in the industry. John Ritenour, founder of the Insurance Office of America (IOA), along with his wife Valli Ritenour created IOA to fix unique problems that they noticed in the insurance industry.

For example, they noticed that profits were restricted for insurance agents so they created an institution that allowed these employees to be more flexible with their profits for their own benefit as employees. This sort of innovative thinking led to the creation of the IOA sports division.

John Ritenour outlines the complexities of insurance pertaining to the IOA’s new sports division by building on common knowledge of insurance. For instance, we all know that insurance is generally about balancing costs and benefits of a policy or investment however, this balancing becomes a lot more complicated when discussing sports. Factors such as what the sport is and who the player is need to be taken into consideration because there is a difference between a twenty-two year old playing basketball and a fifty-two year old playing basketball.

Ritenour goes on to explain that the sort of sport can have different risks such as American football’s long history with brain injury versus the less notable history of gold injuries. Even gender has an effect on these discussions since female athletes have a slightly higher risk of injury. Although these complexities were new to John Ritenour and his son Heath, the new CEO of IOA, they both took the challenge head on and the IOA sports division has since grown exponentially. Go Here for related Information.