How James Dondero Continues His Success Story

James Dondero the CEO Of Highland Capital Management still experiences massive success far beyond his early days. With more than 29 years of experience in managing capital for various individuals and corporations, Dondero is now focused on managing high level investment packages.

The standard for capital investments is how James Dondero handles investments at an institutional level. The first goal for James Dondero was to create something he would be known for. It had to be something that mattered, and it had to be something with a purpose.

His popularity grew, when he launched the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). This was to add to the solutions that Dondero was coming up with already. Working on mutual funds, equity funds and other types of funds, Dondero found the answer for all of his clients.

James Dondero had already been developing the right amount of experience for his career prior to the inception of Highland Capital Management. As a Corporate Bond Analyst, he was learning how to develop and handle his portfolio while managing these funds to the best of his ability. Regardless of what a client had, he was interested in helping them to gain more, do more, and learn more overall.

Graduating from the University of Virginia, James was one of the foremost experts in his class. He graduated with honors, shining the light on his promising career long before he landing his first job in his field. Graduating with honors in Commerce and in Finance and Accounting, he was one of the most successful in his field then and he still is today. See this article for related information.

It is no surprise that his career has continued to advance over the years to various levels. James Dondero also takes great pride in giving back through various charities with his giving, and his guidance on helping them grow.


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