How CEO Laura Rea Dickey Built The Biggest Barbecue Franchise In The World

When Laura Rea Dickey was brought on to work at her husband’s barbecue business that he inherited from his parents, she was already a veteran when it came to information technology, and marketing strategy.

Though she was originally hired to work as consultant, her insight quickly led to her becoming the CIO, then eventually the CEO. In an interview with TheAmericanReporter, Laura Rea Dickey shared information on just how she transformed a small-time barbecue operation into the world’s biggest barbecue franchise.

Integrating Technology

One of the first things that Laura Rea Dickey noticed about her husband’s company, and most fast-food companies in general, is the lack of information technology being used to drive decision making.

Laura quickly rectified by integrating advanced AI technology that could analyze data and turn that data into actual profitable results. This was accomplished by allowing customer driven data to steer the course of the company since that’s where the money was.

Becoming CEO and Building an Empire

Laura Rea Dickey Net Worth was so successful with her data driven approach to running a business that she was made CEO of the company. In this position she was able to take the company and turn it into Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc. which would go on to become the world’s largest barbecue franchise. In fact, Laura Rea Dickey has also won quite a few awards for her work, and continues to use information to turn ideas into new ways for her business to profit.

About Laura Rea Dickey

Laura Rea Dickey is an alumnus of Texas Christian University where she got her undergrad degree. She is a proud citizen of Dallas, Texas, and she was named “Top Woman in Technology” by the Dallas Business Journal, and was listed as one of the world’s top 500 CEO’s by D Magazine. Refer to this page to learn more.


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