Cloud Inventory Will Change How Supply Chains Are Monitored, Thanks To Data Systems International


All businesses that deal in physical goods seem to have a problem with keeping track of their inventory. Products can go missing in transit and be subject to theft or miscounting at any point in the supply chain process. Since we are now in the era of the Internet of Things, we can connect physical objects together through online networks. Data Systems International, or DSI has created a robust platform known as the Cloud Network to help facilitate this.

Cloud based inventory tracking

Cloud inventory is D.S.I.’s answer to the worldwide problem of losing inventory in the supply chain. Cloud Inventory is operated from mobile phones and it is used to track all inventory in transit, with the manufacturer or in the retail establishment.

The Cloud Inventory by Data Systems International increases efficiency and profit through the recovery of lost inventory. Before, problems such as human errors and mismanagement would cause manufacturers and retailers to lose money. With Cloud Inventory, Data Systems International wants to create a low code solution that can be adapted to any and all industries.

How the platform works

Data Systems International built Cloud Inventory on a low code, small file platform, to give it versatility and adaptability. Cloud Inventory can be installed to work with many different other software platforms and tends to be adjusted for the needs of almost any industry that deals in physical goods. Cloud Inventory is named so because it connects all sale items through its tracking system that is operated on the cloud.

What this means is that the program will never lose track of the inventory, because the inventory is always attached to the cloud through Cloud Inventory. It is only removed at the point of final sale, when the final customer takes it home. Any company interested in increasing their revenue can give D.S.I. a call to schedule a consultation. See this page for related information.


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